Fanaticus Dramaticus: The Rage Page

Fanaticus Dramaticus: The Rage Page

April 11, 2015

Baseball’s Opening Day is an American rite of passage, practically an unofficial holiday. And you know what that can mean. In miscreant fans news, this year, In L.A., they banned public drinking in the parking lot and 60 fans received citations for not heeding the rules.

In Detroit, an equal-opportunity fight broke out, apparently outside the bars near the ballpark. You would think people would know how to hold their phone by now.

Play Ball!


April 09, 2015

Drake Group logo

Murray Sperber, who was probably the first professor driven out of town by irate fans will be awarded the Drake Group’s highest honor, the Robert Maynard Hutchings Award. Sperber was a vocal critic of Indiana University’s former head basketball coach Bob Knight. Find out more about what Sperber was forced to endure in Fanaticus.

As for the award: “Murray has demonstrated courageous behavior in standing up for values that form the core of America’s universities,” said Gerry Gurney, president of the Drake Group. “It is the mission of the Drake Group to support people like Murray and to let them know they do not stand alone.”

Great news for Murray. He’s beloved by students and an impressive sports historian.


April 06, 2015

So many options this week:

After assaults, arrests and verbal abuse, more and more youth hockey association are cracking down on hockey parents and their rink rage in Canada.  More and more parents across the country must pass a good behavior course if they want to cheer on their kids.

Meanwhile a Long Island man was arrested and charged with attacking his daughter’s lacrosse coach after she was cut from the team.

The riot squad was summoned to a Southern California shopping  mall to calm down fans who had gathered for an appearance by pro skateboarder, Steven Fernandez.

But the top choice for mayhem and mischief is the ever dependable fan base in Lexington, Kentucky.  Win or lose, you can count on downtown Lexington to turn ugly during March Madness with fires, flipped cars and this time about 30 arrests.
riot in Lexington



March 27, 2015

Fan goes after Gareth Bale


The Fanatic of the Week goes to these “gentleman” from Spain who were so upset with a loss last weekend they got hansy with a star football (soccer) player.  After Real Madrid lost in the super charged match-up known as “El Classico” to heated rival Barcelona, fans took out their frustrations on players and their sports cars. See fans get aggressive with Real Madrid Star Gareth Bale.