Fanaticus Dramaticus: The Rage Page

August 24, 2015
Ohio State fans help spur book on sports nuts

Best headline yet of all media coverage about Fanaticus, don’t you think?

Columnist Joe Blundo of  the Columbus Dispatch weighs on on Fanaticus.  That of course, is the home of Ohio State.

He writes:

Guess which football team’s most unhinged supporters helped inspire sports journalist Justine Gubar to write a book about the excesses of fans? Yes, it was Ohio State.  When rabid Buckeyes fans learned that Gubar, an ESPN producer, was visiting Columbus in 2011 to dig into the football program in the wake of the scandal that cost coach Jim Tressel his job, they responded with threats, hatred and misogyny.  Many insulted her appearance. Someone posted her home phone number in California online, resulting in a flood of nasty voice mails.

To read Blundo’s entire piece, click here.