Fanaticus Dramaticus: The Rage Page

July 23, 2015
What happen when my friend Scott brought Fanaticus home:

Aine (age 7): Dad, is this book about something bad? (looking at scary picture on the cover)
Scott: It’s about sports fans doing crazy things at sporting events. Sometimes the do bad things.
Aine: Why do they do that?
Scott: they think they can get away with it – they think they can hide in a crowd.
Aine: so people get all dressed up in crazy costumes and get arrested?
Scott: no they don’t get arrested because they dress funny – they do bad things hurt other people and stuff.
Aine is not interested in this book.

Clara and Ronan (ages 5 and 3): let me see! Let me see! What is it?
Scott: It’s a book written by my friend, Justine.  Here is her picture.
C& R: does it have any other pictures?
Scott: No
No interest there either.

Scott: This is excellent news.  They might actually leave me alone while I read it!