Fanaticus Dramaticus: The Rage Page

July 17, 2015
Too many knucklehead fans to get to them all

After a radio appearance on “Midday 180” WGFX-FM which you can listen to here, a listener reached out on Twitter to complain I hadn’t mentioned Alabama fans as an example of bad behavior.

Trust me, I hear that from UCLA fans about USC fans, Michigan fans about Michigan State etc.etc.

But kudos to Jeremy for tweeting this:









It’s a mugshot array of Alabama fans gone wrong.

That’s Adrian Briskey who was mentioned before here on the Rage Page.  Don’t expect to see her on trial for the shooting death of another Alabama fan before this winter.

Next to her is Brian Downing.  I’ll simply let this story explain his transgression. Downing served close to 8 months in jail for this incident and was sued by the victim in civil court. According to Downing’s attorney, they have reached a tentative confidential settlement.

Harvey Updyke Jr. is on the far right.  He’s the Alabama fan who went to jail for poisoning  the oak trees that graced Toomer’s Corner at Auburn.

To be fair there are some great traditions associated with Alabama football.  I myself have been lucky enough to sample Dreamland bbq.

Regardless, Jeremy’s  mugshot tweet gets major points for creativity.