Fanaticus Dramaticus: The Rage Page

July 09, 2015
National Sports Safety and Security Conference





Just returned from the NCS4 National Conference in Orlando, Florida.






Gave a keynote presentation where I talked about Internet trolling by fans, history of bad fandom, what makes sports fan tick and how to reframe the security narrative when it comes to bad behavior.



Learned a lot about the latest security technology for stadiums  from hi tech bag screening to geomapping to “vapor wake” dogs that sniff for bombs on moving targets. You know how most bomb sniffing dogs work their magic around stationary object like a trash can?  It takes 8 weeks to train dogs to be able to detect explosives in pedestrian traffic, like on a person walking through a crowd wearing a knapsack and it’s a patented technology.

I spend time in Fanaticus in Chapter 5 talking about the decision universities face when it comes to serving alcohol at collegiate sporting events.  Basically, they must decide whether this is a good way to monitor and regulate drinking at games (and reap some economic benefits)  or does it just add fuel to an already raging fire? At the time Fanaticus went to press, at least 30 schools were serving booze inside the gates at football games.  For 2015, TEAM Coalition’s Executive Director Jill Pepper reported to the conference  that this number has climbed to at least 38. That’s a jump of  21 percent.  I think we know which way the wind is blowing. Look for Maryland and Texas to make beer and wine available to fans at concession stands this coming season.








Photo credits: NCS4