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June 30, 2015
More on my Seattle Sojourn

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That’s me this past weekend in Seattle for a reading at Elliot Bay Book Company and an interview with Paul Silvi of Northwest Sports Tonight.

When you talk about fandom in Seattle, you’ve got to talk about the 12th Man, the loud fans at CenturyLink Field who make the Seahawks home arguably the most intimidating stop for all visiting NFL teams.  Everywhere you go in town there are 12th Man banners, flags and posters despite the fact it’s the off season!  I even discovered some yummy chocolate covered 12th Man spoons made by artisanal confectioner Spoon Me Sweetly.IMG_0116_2

While the 12th man gets credit for helping the Seahawks ascend to the top of the NFC, these Seahawk fans have  been accused of poor manners.  This January when the Seattle hosted the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Championship game, some Packers fans complained of previous abuse in what they termed “enemy territory.” Watch this report from a local television station in Milwaukee to hear their first hand account.

In Week 2 of the upcoming season, the Seahawks travel to Green Bay for a NFC Championship rematch. Stay tuned to see how Seattle fans fare in “enemy territory” at Lambeau Field.