Fanaticus Dramaticus: The Rage Page

June 24, 2015
Calling all Fanatici


One of the best parts of the Fanaticus book events so far is chatting with people about fandom. Everyone has a great anecdote to lay on me.  Some stories I have heard, some I haven’t.

I was reminded the other night of the stunning one about a woman  who was shot to death  for allegedly not being upset enough that Alabama had just lost to Auburn in the Iron Bowl in 2013.  I checked and Adrian Briskey awaits trial, free on bail, after being accused of gunning down 36-year-old Michelle Shepherd.

In an attempt to guilt fans into acting responsibly, it was mentioned to me that a few months ago one team in Brazil hired “Security Moms” to patrol the stands.   About 30 mothers of actual fans were drafted into duty by Sport Club Do Recife for what’s supposed to be its most violent match-up  of the year against Nautico. The women patrolled the pitch with bright vests that identified them as  “seguranca mae,” (Portuguese for security mom)  and no incidents were reported.  I guess the thinking is if mom can’t keep you in line, who can?  Great piece here on why security moms won’t make much of a difference by James Young, a soccer journalist I respect the heck out of.  Meanwhile, the ad agency who came up with the campaign was just honored with a top award at Cannes for creativity.  Raise eyebrows here.

Everyone was also talking about the notorious fan who grabbed Alex Rodriguez’s 3000th hit ball. Zach Hample, a Yankees season ticket holder who says he’s caught over 8000 balls and authored a book called How to Snag  Major League Baseballs, declared  his intention not to return the keepsake to the slugger.   A-Rod hit the homer in the bottom of the first inning of the Yankees’ 7-2 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Friday. Rodriguez is just the 29th member of the exclusive 3,000-hit club.  Sports Illustrated says Hample  is now reconsidering his original statement and is in discussions with the Yanks.

Looking forward to my upcoming book event in Seattle this Friday night.  Fans from the Emerald City  who may be a little down thanks to Clint Dempsey’s suspension, the Mariners’ mediocrity and the enduring  sting of the Super Bowl loss should join me at Elliot Bay Book Company starting at 7pm.  I promise to make you laugh. I hope you’ll make me laugh too. I expect an earful about Timbers fans.