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May 18, 2015
The Week in Mayhem

Vulgar hecklers pay the price in Canada after a reporter at a Toronto FC match refuses to back down when harassed. Beware lewd language in the clip.

Definitely NSFW considering the language got one guy fired and another guy reportedly on the chopping block. The filter-lacking fans also face a stadium ban.

While the Toronto police won’t be filing charges against the men, Calgary police charged someone for hurling the same obscenity at a reporter after a hockey game. The fired guy did send an apology to the reporter which she called genuine.

Meanwhile in Argentina at one of the all time great rivalries known as the Superclasico, Boca Juniors fans pepper spray River Plate players and get their team expelled from the Copa Libertadores tourney.

In Egypt, a notorious ultra group is banned by the courts. Labeled terrorists, hardcore fans of Zamalek Football Club who participated in the political protests of 2011 and violent skirmishes in and around football matches are barred from supporting the club. An expert calls the move “a dangerous gamble” by the government. Egyptian football has been apparently been suffered the past few years by this crackdown from not playing at all or playing in a stadium with no fans in attendance.

FIFA continues to  try to get a handle on racism in the stands. Trained match observers will be deployed at qualifying matches for the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia to monitor and provide info to disciplinary bodies about racist and discriminatory speech used by supporters.

On an upbeat note: As part of his remarkable road to recovery, beating victim Bryan Stow spoke to a student assembly about how his tragic beating came at the hand of  adult bullies.  Said Stow:  “I’m finding my purpose for living: Stopping bullying.”