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April 29, 2015
Cruz Azul Vs. Jaguares

Mexico soccer

I went to a soccer match in Mexico and the fans kept calling the other team’ goalkeeper a “faggot.”

Some Latin American football in person finally! Was  visiting old friends in Mexico City and they took me to watch their favorite team Cruz Azul of Mexico’s top soccer league.  Loud, fun atmosphere, adoring fans but the club is fairy middling these days and lost to Chiapas 1 nil.

Recently, some fans of Cruz Azul were so frustrated at the team’s performance that they invaded its training camp to protest. Story in Spanish here.

Riot Squad


Despite  a match with plenty of empty seats and little at stake, the riot squad came out in full gear which my friends explained was SOP. They lined up on the way to the stadium, adjacent to the entrance and inside the stands in the barra bravas section.  That’s what hardcore Mexican supporters are called, just like in Argentina. Fans from the barra brava group Sangre Azul were the ones who paid that hostile visit to training.


Meanwhile, every time the opposing goalkeeper threw the ball back in, the crowd in unison screamed “puto” at him which is slang for faggot.

You can hear the derogatory chant here.

Video not much to look at.


Mexican fans have been scrutinized for the use of this term before, investigated but ultimately not punished at the last World Cup for example.

Several years ago, an MLS player was suspended 3 games for using the term.